Leslie Clendenen – Hair Stylist

Lesley Clendenen - Hair Stylist at On Broadway Salon in Maryville, TN

Leslie Clendenen is a 20+ year experienced hair stylist and the salon manager at On Broadway Salon.

An Interview with Leslie:

How it all started

Hairstyling has been a calling for several of my family members and I was hooked by the age of 8. I grew up spending weekends and summer nights at my aunt and uncle’s house with my cousin Abby. My aunt always had a salon in her home, and I would spend hours watching her work her magic with her clients. As fate would have it, I actually inherited several of those clients when my Aunt Becky retired from hairstyling.

The first haircut I ever gave:

Not my current technique

I was at the Alcoa Little League ball fields on the bleachers, watching my brothers play ball when a kind-hearted man mentioned needing a haircut. I decided at that moment that I was the person for the job. That sweet man sat patiently as I chopped, hacked and sawed away at his hair with Swiss Army knife scissors!!! It was the only pair of scissors we could find. 

There are people in life that sacrifice themselves to let a kid’s dreams soar, and I will never forget what he did for me that summer day! I’m sure he was at the barbershop the next morning trying to undo the mess I made. But he made me feel like I could accomplish any dream that night. Needless to say, I do not use a Swiss Army knife scissors these days!

I love my job

I love doing color and cuts

I am a creative person and I love to be busy with my hands. Hairstyling is an art and a craft – it is a start to finish project with structure, lines, creativity and insight.

It is amazing the difference you can make in someone’s appearance with a 30-minute makeover. I challenge myself to make people happy with their hair and I leave work with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment every day.

I have been blessed beyond belief in this business with clients that I truly love, a job that allows me to chase my dreams and live a life that I am proud of.

When I’m not at work.

Hobbies & Passions

I spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. When I’m not working, I love craft hobbies, and doing anything outside like: yard work, home improvement projects, camping, or going to the lake, beach or pool. I also love to cook and have social gatherings with loved ones.

One of my biggest loves is music. I love it with all my soul and if I had to name a personal theme song, it would be “Lucky” by SevenMary3.  I was asked my favorite movie recently and it is an easy answer – Steel Magnolias. It will ALWAYS be the best movie ever made.

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Pricing Overview:

Cuts & Styles:
Hair shampoo/ dry/ style $30+
Hair cut $30+
Men’s haircut $15+
Special Event Styles $45+

Balayage $75+
All over color $65+
New growth color / retouch $55+
High fashion colors (blue, pink, purple, etc) $85+
Partial foil highlights $45+
Full foil highlights 80+
Additional colors in foil $15 per color
Partial foil highlights $45+
Cap highlights $60+

Waxing $8 per area (lip, chin, eyebrows)