Michelle Higgenbottom

Professional Hairstylist

Visit facebook.com/hairapywithmichelle to view samples of Michelle’s work or to request an appointment.

HI! My name is Michelle, I’ve been a hair artist/colorist for more than 7 years. While I’m not new to the industry, I am new to TN, recently locating here from Texas to marry the man of my dreams. I am excited to continue my career here at On Broadway Salon!

If I were to describe my artistry style in just a few words, it would be: from edgy to conservative and traditional to new age. What I love most about doing hair is seeing the faces of my clients light up after their service. To me, a great experience in my chair at the salon helps the beauty on the inside shine through to the outside. It is a great feeling to be a part of helping others feel beautiful.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me cooking, cleaning or chaperoning and herding any one or all of our six children. Never a dull moment, and I wouldn’t change a thing! I love children and I love being a mom.

The salon owner asked and I answered…

What TV character/actor are you most like and why?  I believe I am most like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She is adventurous, curious, and determined.

What one item on your bucket list do you plan to accomplish in the next 5 years? Skydiving!

If you won the lottery in the next 5 years, what is the first thing you would do? I would take my husband and kids to Disney World, and maybe Hawaii too!

What is your favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurant is a “mom & pop” Mexican restaurant in San Antonio called Los Robertos.

What is your favorite movie? At this moment, I would have to say: Inside Out

Visit facebook.com/hairapywithmichelle to view samples of Michelle’s work or to request an appointment.

 Price List:

Hair Styling

Shampoo and heat style      $25+
Women’s haircut                  $30
Men’s haircut                       $20
Children’s haircut                 $18

Color Services

Partial highlight/low-light (one color)       $50+
Full highlight/low-light (one color)            $70+
Balayage highlight (one color)                     $90+
Partial Balayage (one color)                         $70+
Balayage Ombre                                             $100+
Color placements (one color)                      $40+
Virgin tint                                                        $55+
Tint retouch                                                    $40+
Grey coverage package
(Few highlights and color)                          $80+
Color and heat styling prices are subject to change due to extra length or density of the hair requiring more color and/or product and additional time.
Additional color added as needed             $15